Notary Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agent

If you work in the real estate sector, you are aware of the numerous documents needed for even the simplest closings and how many of them require a notary's seal. You are also aware of the challenge in finding a real estate notary who is qualified and available to work with you at any moment. Like with all other legal contracts, it's crucial that the parties who sign the documents are the ones who will be held accountable by them. 

We will work with you to ensure that everyone in attendance was correctly recognized, signed where it was necessary, and was who they said they were before signing. We will also act as a witness in this regard. Additionally, we provide some other New Mexico real estate signings.

Just Doing Business,LLC can help with the following types of real estate signings in New Mexico:

Full Purchase

Reverse Mortgage

HELOC/2nd Mortgages

Seller Packages

Loan Application


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A professional notary who handles loan documents is known as a notary signing agent. In order to help with the final phase of the loan procedure, lenders and title companies employ Notary Signing Agents as independent contractors. Real estate deeds, affidavits, wills, trusts, and powers of attorney are among the legal documents that frequently require the assistance of a notary. The major functions of a notary are document certification and fraud prevention. Along with being a basic notary, we also have a team of NNA-certified Notary Signing Agents and Loan Signing Agents with a $100,000 error and omission insurance policy. Additionally, we offer mobile notary services. The notaries on our staff are skilled, prepared, and trained to handle any of your notarial requirements.

The information above is not meant to serve as a definitive statement of the law. It is not intended to be taken as legal advice when Just Doing Business, LLC makes statements about notaries or notarial acts. We are not representing you as your attorney by giving this material. Please seek legal advice from a lawyer if you have any legal concerns about the actions or behavior of a notary public.

Notaries are not allowed to pick the specific document that a client might require for a transaction.

The type of notarization or certificate wording for a specific document cannot be decided by the notary. Customer must make a choice.

A document may not be prepared by a notary, nor may they offer suggestions on how to fill out, create, or finish a document.

Notaries cannot give legal advice or respond to law-related inquiries.

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