Apostile Services

Apostile Services

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Document apostillation can be a challenging procedure. The document you are required to apostille must typically be obtained in its original, certified copy. Once acquired, the original document must be delivered for apostille to the office that issued the authentication, such as the Secretary of State or the US State Department.

The conditions set forth by the Secretary of State or the State Department before a document may be accepted for apostille provide the biggest obstacle in the apostille process. Because of this, Just Doing Business, LLC provides a commitment-free document review process to make sure your documents comply with any legalization or apostille standards.

Our review service without obligation. The majority of other apostille service providers demand upfront money and won't evaluate your documents, which leads to several denials. Just Doing Business, LLC provides a FREE pre-screening service that requires no commitment to ensure that your documents will be processed quickly. One of our highly trained specialists will monitor your document(s) and keep you fully informed at every step of the way. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with every one of our services.

On your behalf, we will create, file, and obtain your apostille documents in the most practical and expert way possible. 

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